Environment, Health and Safety(EHS) Management Policy
Environment, Health and Safety(EHS) Management Policy
¡@Regulation Conformity, Disaster Prevention
Scrap & Cost Reduction, Resource Utilization
Continuously Improve EHS Objectives
Health Promotion, Employees Engagement
Management Commitments toward EHS ( Environment, Health and Safety )
¡@In order to reach the commitment toward EHS policy, the following strategies are adopted.
1.Implement ISO14001 Environment Management System along with OHSAS 18001/TOSHMS
2.Make sure the conformity with EHS(Environment, Health and Safety) regulations along with requirements from interested parties and responsible for social responsibilities.
3.Adopt appropriate production or pollution-prevention techniques to mitigate the associated environmental impacts. Evaluate the risks of operation and resource related activities and take appropriate actions to limit the risks of potential dangers and prevent EHS related damages.
4.Implement the scrap reduction and utilize energy resource more effectively. Use the resources more efficiently during operation activities. Promote energy saving to reduce wastes of resources.
5.Commit the conformity with EHS objectives and regularly review EHS(Environment, Health and Safety) management system to realize continuous improvement.
6.Upgrade safety of working environment to prevent occupational damages and diseases. Promote the health improvement in order to achieve the target of ¡§Zero-occupational damage¡¨ and ¡§Zero occupational injury¡¨
7.Employees fully engage to achieve the commitments toward EHS policy. Deeply recognize and implement commitments to demonstrate the effectiveness of EHS performance and devote to business sustainability.