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Personal Information Protection Policy

Sin Sheng Terminal and Machine Inc. ("STM") recognizes that it is our responsibility to protect your personal information.
We therefore implement the following policies.

  1. Through the adoption of reasonable security measures, STM makes effort to protect Personal Information Data from such risks as leakage, loss or damage.
  2. STM will not make use of Personal Information without your prior consent or beyond the scope appropriate to the purpose of use to which you have agreed, which has been notified/publicized or which is self-explanatory from the circumstance of acquisition of Personal Information.
  3. STM will not supply or disclose Personal Information Data to third parties other than STM's service consignees without your prior consent, or when it is necessary for some other justifiable reason allowed by laws and regulations.
  4. When providing Personal Information to third parties, STM makes efforts to protect Personal Information from such risks as leakage or further distribution by the third parties, by obligating the third parties through contract, except under special circumstances.
  5. If you wish to delete, suspend or use correct of Personal Information Data, STM responds to such requests as far as possible within reasonable limits. Please contact the designated of headquarter for customer inquiries.
  6. STM complies with the laws and regulations of Taiwan concerning protection of Personal Information. And we’ll continues to review and make efforts to improve our compliance program including this policy.
  7. STM will set up training programs to educate employees regarding proper handling of personal information.
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