Environmental, Safety and Health Policy

Comply Regualtion, Prevent Damage

— committed to complying environmental protection, safety and health regulation. We aim to contribute to social responsiblities.

STM adopts appropritate production or contamination control technology to reduce the impact on the environment.

We evalutate the riskes of activites that related to production operations, the use of resources, and adopt appropritate control techniques to reduce them.

Wastage prevention, cost saving and resource fully utilize

— STM implements waste management and ensures that resources use at maximum efficiency levels.

We sufficiently use raw materials and reduce the waste.

Implement Contunuous Improvements

— STM is committed to complying occupational safety and health implements.

To achieve continuous improvement, we elevate management performance, review workplace environment, and Occupational Safety and Health Management system regulary.

Occupational Safety and Health

— To prevent occupational harzards and diseases, STM aims to reach the goal of zero-hazard and zero-harm.

At STM, we are committed to instill a people-oriented safety culture, establish communication, and consultation channels for employees to achieve ESR performance and unsustainable operaion. All of us participate in the implementaion of the environment protecion, safety and health policy commitments to deepen awaremess anad practice.

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