Corporate Social Responsibility

STM espouses the three core values of effectiveness, innovation and sustainable management,
echoing the goals of spreading environmentally sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.
Through improving corporate governance, we continue to create corporate value.
Environmental Sustainability

— Water Resources Management

STM adheres to local laws and regulations. We have established water recycling applications and obtained environmental approval to monitor water pollution and recycling process.
Recycling 10 tons of water every day and reusing it for toilet flushing can save approximately 2400 tons of wastewater every year and reduce environmental impact.

— Energy Management

STM continues to spread the idea of increasing energy efficiency. We gradually implement energy-saving equipment and upgrade LED lighting to reduce energy consumption.

— Green Environment

By applying for various waste reduction measures to reduce the environmental impact, STM also actively participates in greening our environment and tree planting activities. 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of STM and tree planting activity is considered as a symbol of heading to our next milestone.

Social Responsibility

— Social welfare and charity

STM cares for the disadvataged groups for a long period of time. By collaborating with the Welfare and Charity Center, we activaly and continuously participate in various charitable activities.

— Disadvantaged caring

STM also increases employment opportunities for those disadvantaged.

Corporate Management

— Corporate Governance

By following the internal audit and controlling in line with the Corporate law, STM builds up standardized processes to improve various operating indicators of the company.

STM implements and disclosures information transparency to achieve the satisfation of employees, shareholders, customers, and manufactures, and enhance brand value.

International Quality Certification

— STM has obtained ISO certification and continues to improve processes according to the PDCA principle

Certification Name System First Acquistition Date Latest Acquistition Date Latest Effective Date
ISO 9001 Quality Management System 11-Nov-2002 13-Jan-2021 12-Jan-2024
IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Management System 01-Oct-2016 13-Jan-2021 12-Jan-2024
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System 03-Jun-2005 22-Mar-2020 21-Mar-2023
ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems 01-Apr-2018 23-Jan-2021 09-Apr-2024
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